About Us

The Training Gateway is the FREE service from which to source corporate and executive training and educational partnerships from UK Training Providers. 

Some organisations offer their training contracts to a few usual suppliers. Consequently they get the proposals they were expecting, for prices they’ve paid before. However, many organisations use The Training Gateway. This means their training requirements are seen by over 2,000 of the UK’s best training providers. The proposals they can choose from are truly competitive – in service, expertise and cost.

Amazingly, we’re completely free to use!

Since the Training Gateway started, in July 2008, we have helped hundreds of companies and organisations find the training partnership they require.

This equates to over 3,000 training and educational partnership business opportunities worth over £400 million from around the world and across a very wide range of business sectors.


Opportunities have included the delivery of leadership and management programmes, sales and marketing, coaching, health and social care, engineering, health and safety and a wide range of other training programmes. To see examples of some of the business opportunities promoted please visit our case studies.

The Training Gateway can provide access to:
  • Over 100,000 courses
  • World class skills and knowledge
  • Accreditation of in-house programmes
  • Custom designed courses
  • Work-based learning
  • Online and e-learning programmes
  • In-house delivery
  • Educational partnerships with Universities and colleges across the world

Please contact us if you would like to Join The Training Gateway or submit an enquiry