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Deadline: 07/02/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

  Expressions of Interest: Mental Health Programme for School Managers - Bangkok

Expressions of interest are sought for providers who can deliver mental health training programmes for school managers.  

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Deadline: 02/02/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Media Coaching and Training for Parliamentary Spokespersons - Canada

The Office requires the services of media coaching and training experts familiar with the work and the role of an agent of Parliament, and with the functioning of the federal government in general, to provide one-on-one coaching sessions in connection with reports that will be tabled in the House of Commons from spring 2020 to fall 2025.

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Deadline: 26/02/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Provision of Management and Supervisory Development Training for Sergeants/Executive Officers and Inspectors/Higher Executive Officers - Ireland

This public procurement competition will be divided into 2 lots (each a “Lot”) as described below. Each Lot will result in a separate contract.

  • Lot 1 –Management & Supervisory Development Training for Sergeants/Executive Officers
  • Lot 2 –Management & Supervisory Development Training for Inspectors/Higher Executive Officers

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Deadline: 11/02/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Developing Local Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Wards - UK

This procurement is to secure the services of a suitably qualified academic organisation to deliver an existing evidence-based intervention designed to develop local leadership skills and behaviours to support wards and organisations to build sustainable, positive environments for staff and patients.

The invitation to quote is also looking for organisations (likely to be a Higher Education Institute) to submit an application outlining how an existing evidence-based intervention can be tested in a new setting to explore transferability. 

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Police SH(1)

Deadline: 13/02/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Accreditation of Advanced Diploma (Level 5) in Intelligence Management - Northern Ireland

The Authority require a contractor to work as an academic partner, to accredit their Advanced Diploma in Intelligence Management programme to a Level 5 Advanced Diploma qualification. The initial contract period will be 3 years. There will be an option to extend the contract for two further periods of 12 months each

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Deadline: 07/02/2020/Other (inc. other training events & exhibitions

Training for small businesses, community groups and individuals - Ireland

The company wishes to invite proposals from suitably qualified training providers to deliver one or more of the following courses:

  • Business Administration
  • Childcare
  • Culinary Skills & HACCP
  • Horticulture
  • ICT Training
  • Retail Skills
  • Community Development Training
  • Personal Development
  • Childcare
  • Fire Safety
  • Enterprise Training
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid

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Deadline: 11/02/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Accredited Teacher Training on working with Students with Special Educational Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder) - UK

A Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Special Educational Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder) has been developed for serving support teachers working in the area of autism in recognised primary and post-primary schools, and for serving teachers in recognised special classes, special schools and other relevant educational settings.  The organisation is now looking for a partner to assist with the accreditation, administration, assessment and co-delivery of the programme.

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Deadline: 17/02/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Health Coaching - Norfolk

Health Coaching is a clinical and communication tool which encourages positive behavioral change and increases patient activation allowing clinician and patient to engage more effectively. 

This engagement creates an environment where patients are more likely to feel empowered, more confident and able to take greater responsibility in managing their own health conditions.

An organisation in Norfolk  would like to increase the benefit of Health Coaching to their staff and service users.

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Deadline: 28/02/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Level 6 Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship - Yorkshire and the Humber

The delivery of Level 6 Registered Nurse Degree apprenticeship over 5 years, with a maximum of 15 nurses per year.

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Deadline: 05/02/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Apprenticeship Training Provider for Learning and Development Consultant/Business Partner Level 5 - East Midlands

The Council is issuing this Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) to source a provider, to deliver apprenticeship standard: Learning and Development Consultant/Business Partner Level 5

The Contract will be awarded for an 18-month period for Apprenticeship commencing in February 2020 with the option to extend for a further increment of 18 months subject to satisfactory performance. 

It is anticipated that two apprenticeships will be required by the Council, with enrolments required February/March 2020 however, this number is subject to confirmation and does not bind the Council in any way. 

Call offs will be made via Order Form based on enrolments from February 2020

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