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Deadline: 17/07/2020/Technical, Vocational and STEM

UK Sport High-Performance Coach Apprenticeship Project - UK

The company are seeking one supplier to deliver the High-Performance Coach Apprenticeship Project (HiCap) to learners employed by their respective sports across the UK.

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Deadline: 20/07/2020/Other (inc. other training events & exhibitions

Tenancy Support Training to Young People - East of England

The Council wishes to award a contract to a provider to deliver tenancy support training to young people. The Council would like the course to give young people the knowledge and understanding to find and keep a rented home. It should cover practical learning around living on a limited budget, looking after their home and managing relationships with the landlord, housemates and neighbours. The training may take the form of webinars, one to one sessions or group sessions delivered through Zoom or a social networking platform

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Deadline: 14/07/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Market Engagement: Academic Learning for Probation Practitioners - England and Wales

The Authority intends to tender for the provision of academic learning for probation practitioners in England and Wales. The services to be procured are expected to comprise of:

  • delivery of the current curriculum framework, including the
    Professional Qualification in Probation (PQiP), to new learners from
    July 2021 until June 2024; and
  • review and re-design of the current curriculum framework; and
  • delivery of the revised curriculum framework to trainee learners
    from 2022 to 2025.

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Deadline: 08/07/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Transnational Educational Partnerships - Saudi Arabia

A University in Saudi Arabia are looking to expand their international partnerships with UK universities. They would like to explore various models of collaboration in various subject areas. 

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Deadline: 08/07/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Transnational Educational Partnership - United Arab Emirates

A University in United Arab Emirates are looking to engage with a UK University to establish a partnership for undergraduate / postgraduate degrees for their students in the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Mass communication
  • Nursing

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Deadline: 30/07/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Strategic Leadership Programme - Scotland

Organisation seeks to appoint credible leadership development partner for :

  • framework for Strategic Leadership Programme
  • delivery of its Strategic Leadership Programme 

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Deadline: 13/07/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Deadline Extended: Developing leadership for an agile organisation - South East England

A Council are looking for a development partner to work alongside them in the design, development and delivery of our approach to ‘Developing leadership for an agile culture’. This work will sit within and complement the wider strategic transformation of the council over the coming years.

They are looking for a partner to work with us in the design, development and delivery of this Leadership Development activity, taking a co-production approach with internal stakeholders and commissioners.

Please note this deadline is for registering interest, the deadline for submitting quotes is Monday 6 July, 16:00pm

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Deadline: 12/08/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Future Leaders Fellows Development Network - UK

The organisation wants to develop a Development Network for research professionals that will provide networking opportunities and offer training on:

  • Public engagement with research and innovation
  • Collaboration and cross-sector working
  • Impact
  • Engagement with, and mentoring from, influential research and innovation leaders
  • Peer review training

It should also offer a space for discussion of best practice in regards to other challenges.

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Deadline: 31/08/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Coaching Courses for School Leaders - Wales

Council is establishing and developing a Coaching model that supports sustainable continuous professional development.

In order to ensure the sustainability of this type of support in future, the Council is considering investing in training to qualify suitable leaders in the Education field to become Qualified Coaches by means of a recognised course (e.g. ILM or CMI in executive Coaching and Mentoring)

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Deadline: 13/07/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Training for Employers and Schools/Colleges in Supporting SEND Students in Careers and Enterprise- West Yorkshire

The creation of a training programme and resource content to engage both employers and schools/colleges to support innovative ways to offer careers and enterprise within education to young people with SEND. 

Delivery of training in a ‘train the trainer’ format so that the target audiences outlined above can deliver the session to inspire and support other employers/ colleagues to work with SEND students. The training can be face to face or virtual.

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