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Deadline: 25/09/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Transnational 3 + 1 Degree Programmes - Vietnam

A prestigious multi-disciplinary and multi-level Vietnamese university, with a strong foundation in fisheries and aquaculture, wishes to explore with UK Universities, partnership offerings of 3 plus 1 degrees for their students in the following areas: 

  • Aquaculture 
  • Seafood processing
  • Marine engineering  
  • Logistics and Transportation   
  • Coastal management 
  • Bio and Environmental Technology 
  • Tourism

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Deadline: 02/11/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Virtual Trade Mission for Partnerships with Indian Institutions - Nov 2020

Date2nd - 5th November 2020

The Training Gateway are working with two of our international partners, SAMViT Consultants and J B Edvent, to offer the opportunity to learn more about the educational market in India and to meet with Indian Institutions who are looking for UK partners.

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Deadline: 25/09/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Distance Learning & Joint Degree Programmes in English Studies - Vietnam

A highly ranked Vietnamese University wishes to explore various partnership types along with fly-in faculty options for their undergraduate and postgraduate students.  

Subject areas they wish to explore are: 

  • English language
  • English studies
  • English in education
  • English in education for primary schools 

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Deadline: 25/09/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Deadline Extended: UK Partner required for Business Degree - Myanmar

Educational institution in Myanmar, with partnerships in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, seeks to partner with UK University so they can provide a top up degree in Business Studies. 

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Deadline: 16/10/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Leadership and Management Programme for Doctors and Dentists - East of England

The Organisation is seeking to engage a provider, working either alone or in partnership with another organisation, such as a University Business School, to deliver one aspect of our top tier of leadership and management training for doctors and dentists in training.

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Deadline: 05/10/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Clinical entrepreneur training programme - UK

The organisation are looking for a provider to manage and deliver the Clinical entrepreneur training programme. 

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Deadline: 24/09/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

Coaching for Executive Team - UK

This Scope of Work (SoW) sets out the Authority’s requirements for services to be provided for an organization to deliver a number of 3 hour Coaching sessions and also 2 hour individual coaching sessions for some Directors:

  • Executive Team (ExCo) group coaching
  • Possible add-on group facilitated sessions if felt required
  • Individual Director coaching sessions

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Deadline: 19/10/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Managed Workforce Development Programme - UK

The authority is seeking to establish an agreement for the provision of managed training services.

The successful managed service provider/s will be responsible for the sourcing, administration and management of a variety of customer training requirements.

The key aim of the agreement will be to promote efficiencies and consistency.

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Deadline: 06/10/2020/Technical, Vocational and STEM

Framework for provision of various learning for workforce and individuals - North West

Organisation seeks to establish framework of providers who can deliver : 

  • Skills Support for the Workforce
  • Support for the Unemployed
  • Support for individuals who are Not in Education

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Deadline: 25/09/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Introduction to Economic Regulation Training Course - London

To support the ongoing development of colleagues in our economics and other teams, we are commissioning an external trainer to provide a training course on the basics of economic regulation.

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