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Deadline: 26/06/2020/Other (inc. other training events & exhibitions

COURSE: Advanced: Best Practice for Winning Bids and Tenders - Birmingham 2020

If you've already done our introductory course or you already have a fair amount of experience with bidding for tenders, The Training Gateway is running our popular follow-up 'Advanced: Best Practice for Winning Bids and Tenders' course.

This 1-day course takes place in Birmingham on the 26th March 2020.

This course is delivered exclusively for The Training Gateway by Tony Copeman of Atman Strategy Ltd. Tony is a highly experienced consultant and trainer and has worked with many globally recognised brands.

To book a place on this course, please complete the online registration form or call 01904 325149.

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Deadline: 13/01/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

Undergraduate Blended Nursing Degree - England

This is an opportunity to provide an undergraduate blended nursing degree in regions across the whole of England (North, Midlands & East, London and South).

The aims are to:

  • Create an innovative, accessible nursing degree programme using innovative means in digital and other technologies
  • Attract greater numbers and a more diverse student nurse population
  • Potentially, create a significantly different offer in nursing education that will support the growth of a qualitatively different, expert and professional workforce suited to the demands of care & service now and in the future.

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Deadline: 07/01/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training - South East

This is an opportunity to provide Equality Diversity and Inclusion Training that covers these learning outcomes:

  1. What equality, diversity and inclusion are, and why are they so important
  2. Key legislation and its implications
  3. Breaking down barriers to equality and diversity – prejudice, preconceptions, unconscious bias and stereotypes
  4. How to challenge unacceptable behaviour effectively and escalate issues when necessary
  5. Importance of managing diversity effectively
  6. How the law applies in practice in a range of case study situations
  7. Understanding and fulfilling responsibilities as a manager
  8. Building an equality and diversity action plan

The contract runs for three years from February 2020 to January 2023, with the option extend for two further years.

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Deadline: 10/01/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Mental Health Awareness Training - North West

A council is looking for the provision of mental health awareness training over a three-year contract starting in April 2020.

The scope is to train a minimum of 300 people per annum in accredited mental health awareness and suicide prevention courses, to include, but not limited to :

• Mental Health First Aid
• Youth Mental Health First Aid
• MHFA Lite
• Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
• Safe TALK
• Suicide TALK

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Deadline: 14/01/2020/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

First Aid Training - East

A council in the East of England is seeking the provision of First Aid Training in four lots:



Estimate of the number of people to be trained per year/courses to be provided per year

Lot 1


First Aid at Work

51 people

Emergency First Aid at work

350 people

First Aid requalification

34 people

First Aid at Work Skills Update/ Annual Refresher Training

47 people

Lot 2

Professional Driver First Aid Training

3 Courses

Lot 3

Basic Sports First Aid Training

11 Courses

Emergency Sports First Aid Training

11 Courses

Lot 4

First Aid Training for Foster Carers

18 Courses

This is a 36-month contract beginning in April 2020.

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Deadline: 27/01/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Leadership Programme - London

This is an opportunity to design and deliver a leadership programme aimed at future or newly appointed directors at an organisation. The contract runs for three years, commencing in March 2020.

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Deadline: 20/12/2019/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Coaching and Communication - East Midlands

An NHS trust aims to source a provider to deliver a development programme for front line staff (and those who support them) to increase their awareness and skills in coaching and communication so they can be applied in practice to improve patient/service user ownership, engagement and management of their own health challenges.

The contract runs from February 2020 to July 2020, and possibly beyond.

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Deadline: 18/12/2019/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Leadership Development Programme - West Midlands

This is an opportunity to provide a bespoke Leadership Development Programme over a two year contract. The programme will include leadership, motivation, management and leadership behaviours, and facilitating a learning organisation.

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Deadline: 18/12/2019/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Coaching and Mentoring ILM Level 3 & 5 - North East, Yorkshire & Humber

An NHS trust in the North East is seeking the provision of both ILM Level 5 and ILM Level 3 accredited Coaching and Mentoring programmes on a two year contract.

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Deadline: 17/01/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Executive Leadership Programme - New Zealand

This is an opportunity to provide a high-impact Executive Leadership programme in New Zealand that offers a combination of vertical and horizontal development and includes opportunities for senior leaders to apply learnings at work, identify challenges and problem-solve together in subsequent group sessions.

This is a 12 month contract commencing in April 2020 with a possible 12-month extension.

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