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Deadline: 30/04/2019/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Business Growth Workshops - West Midlands

Design and deliver workshops to assist small and new businesses in Warwickshire’s creative sector to develop and grow.

Delivery will be based on cohorts of five to six days of intensive workshops and 3 to 4 cohorts per year.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Personal Development
  • Imagining Growth
  • Branding and Digital Marketing (delivered by a digital expert)
  • Social Media (delivered by a digital expert)
  • Financial Readiness and Access to Finance

Numbers are expected to be 15 people in each group. Delivery is typically expected to be 1 to 2 days a week over a 3-week period. 

The initial contract period is from June 2019 until December 2021. 

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Deadline: 29/04/2019/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Core Skills Courses - South East

Fire Authority is looking for specialist training providers to provide core skills training courses to staff under the following Lots:

Communication and Influencing 

Lot 1 - Maximising engagement

Coaching as a Management Tool

Lot 2 - Coaching and Mentoring

Lot 3 Managing Mental Health

Contract is for one year with an option to extend for a further year.


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Deadline: 07/05/2019/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

De-escalation and Restraint Training - West Midlands

Healthcare Trust requires De-escalation and Restraint Training, Audits, Risk Assessments, and associated Consultancy and Advisory Services.

The following courses need to be delivered in the West Midlands between July - December 2019.

  • Foundation DSD Course - 17
  • Foundation DSD Update - 12
  • Advanced Level 1 Update - 2
  • Advanced Level 2 - 3
  • Advanced LEvel 2 Update - 11

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Deadline: 29/04/2019/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Leadership Development Programme - Yorkshire

Council seeks to procure a programme of development work to build and strengthen resilient strategic system leadership and delivery of services both internally and across partnerships with a focus on addressing emerging risk areas within the changing and challenging regulatory and financial environment within which services are managed and delivered.

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Deadline: 28/05/2019/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

MSc in Applied Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences - South West

Healthcare Organisation is seeking a single university with whom to work in partnership in order to co-develop and co-deliver an MSc in Applied Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences. The programme needs to offer the flexibility for the students to be awarded a qualification at postgraduate certificate, diploma, as well as a full masters in accordance with the accredited requirements. The curriculum needs to be at the cutting edge of developing sciences including areas such as genetics, clinical genomics, bioinformatics and advanced cell therapies. 

Work on the course content and delivery should commence in 2019. The first student enrolment should be Autumn 2020.

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Deadline: 10/05/2019/Technical, Vocational and STEM

Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship - UK

Delivery of a Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship training programme to nominated Customer employees.

Delivered in two lots as following: 

Lot 1: Southern Region

  • East of England
  • London
  • South East
  • South West
  • Thames and Chiltern
  • Wessex

 Lot 2: Northern Region

  • East Midlands
  • Mersey Cheshire
  • North East
  • North West
  • Wales
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and Humberside

Delivery to be over a 6 year period.

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Deadline: 23/04/2019/Technical, Vocational and STEM

Level 6 Biomedical Healthcare Science Practioner Degree - UK

Delivery of a Level 6 Healthcare Science Practitioner Degree (Biomedical Science).

Commencing in June 2019, location is flexible.

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Deadline: 01/05/2019/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Level 6 Nurse Degree Apprenticeship - UK

Delivery of a Level 6 Nurse Degree Apprenticeship in the UK to 10 students annually.

Commencing in September 2019.

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Deadline: 15/05/2019/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Framework Agreement for Delivery of Education and Training - UK

College wishes to establish a framework agreement of suitable providers to deliver training and education for three academic years, commencing August 2019.  There are 3 Lots available as follows: 

Lot 1: 16 - 18 Class-Based Study Programme including Prince’s Trust 
Lot 2: Adult Class-Based Community and Employment Pathway 
Lot 3: Levy Apprenticeships 

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iStock_000005327644 Business People in a meeting_XSmall

Deadline: 10/05/2019/Technical, Vocational and STEM

Level 6 Legal Training Programmes - UK

Training provider required to deliver the following legal training programmes: 

  • Chartered Legal Executive Level 6 Apprenticeship (“CILEX Apprenticeship”) 
  • Chartered Legal Executive Level 6 Higher Diploma in Law and Legal Practice (“CILEX Diploma”) 
  • Paralegal Apprenticeship Level 3

Delivery over three academic years to 35 learning.

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