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Deadline: 05/05/2021/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaborative Training Partnerships -UK

Research Organisations and UK registered businesses can apply for funding to set up and run collaborative training partnerships. These partnerships should address industrial research challenges.

The programme aims to:

  • build capacity
  • address strategic skills challenges in the UK bioeconomy
  • provide candidates with research, innovation and transferable skills.

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Deadline: 16/02/2021/Technical, Vocational and STEM

Life Sciences and Technology Business Support - Scotland

Supplier required to provide business support programme which is focused on driving the growth of science, health and technology in businesses.

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Deadline: 03/02/2021/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Management Development Programme - Ireland

Organisation requires provision of an intensive 10 modular advanced management development programme run over 10-15 weeks with the option to extend over a three year term. The programme to focus on increasing management skills enabling Owner/Managers to fully achieve the growth potential of their businesses while increasing the capabilities to respond to issues such as Covid-19 and Brexit.

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Deadline: 26/01/2021/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Mentoring for SME's and Graduates - North East

Provide mentoring services to new and existing SMEs and assist recent graduates wishing to be more entrepreneurial / who have recently set up companies  in the following areas: 

  • Marketing
  • Finance / Business Planning
  • IP / Legal Issues 
  • Business Growth
  • PR
  • Sales
  • Enterprise 
  • Web Design & UX Design

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Deadline: 09/02/2021/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Online Modules - UK

Organisation requires a provider who can develop  interactive learning modules which include significance and consequence of :

  • Discrimination law
  • Types of discrimination
  • Protected characteristics
  • Where the Equality Act does not apply
  • When positive action can be applied
  • Understanding the difference between diversity and inclusion
  • What an Equality policy should includ
  • Good practice for recruitment processes

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Deadline: 05/02/2021/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Communications, Training and Mentoring - London

 Communications, Training and Mentoring Support required to enable a safe trading environment for businesses and consumers in local area. 

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Deadline: 29/01/2021/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

IT Training Required - Northwest

Organisation wish to engage with provider who can provide various training for standard and bespoke software applications including: 

Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, BCS, Scrum and Comptia

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Deadline: 19/02/2021/Technical, Vocational and STEM

Provision of Various Online Training Modules - Scotland

Organisation requires provision of Training Services whereby successful trainees receive qualifications recognised and valued by employers across the relevant sector(s). 

  • Lot 1: Care Training
  • Lot 2: Construction Training
  • Lot 3: Driving Training
  • Lot 4: Hospitality Training
  • Lot 5: Industrial Plant Training
  • Lot 6: Warehouse & Logistics Training

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Deadline: 01/02/2021/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Video Training Modules for E-Learning - Scotland

Organisation requires a Supplier to provide full access to an online learning and development catalogue that is compatible with its virtual learning environment.  They wish to choose from a wide range of courses and to upload these to their VLE for access by their staff for personal and professional development. The Contract term shall be for 3 years with the option to extend for up to a further 2 years.

List of just some of the online content required:  

Personal Development, Wellbeing,  Leadership and Management, Communication and Social Skills, Finance skills, IT Skills, Mindfulness, Project Management, Marketing etc. 

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child in classroom

Deadline: 07/02/2021/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

Education Analysis and Strategic Plan - Somalia

In its National Education Policy (NEP 2015-2030) Somaliland demonstrates its commitment to education as a means to prepare all students to become life-long learners equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be successful and productive citizens.

In line with this organisation is required to provide development of education sector analysis and education sector strategic plan. 

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