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Deadline: 30/10/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  TNE: Masters Degrees, Faculty Exchange & Short Courses - Vietnam

University in Vietnam seeks to explore with UK Universities: 

  • Masters programmes in Logistics and Supply Chain Management - ideally study 1 year in Vietnam and 1 year in the UK.   
  • Faculty Exchange 
  • Short courses - (face to face post Covid-19)
  • Summer/ winter camp / student exchange programs (4-6 weeks) in the areas of Global Studies and Maritime Affairs; International Business and Logistics; Business and Marketing Management

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Deadline: 10/11/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Design and Deliver Leadership Development Program - East Midlands

Provider required for design and delivery of a leadership development program across the organisation for 150-200 managers.

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Deadline: 16/11/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Leadership Programme for Engineers - UK

Design and delivery of a Leaders in Engineering Education Fellowship programme.

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Deadline: 30/10/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Leadership & Resilience Training - Scotland

Providers required to deliver Leadership and Resilience skills training to approx. 80 individuals. 

The training will focus on 4 themes: 

  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Business planning
  • Community engagement

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Deadline: 26/10/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Short Deadline : Training & Mentoring for Innovation Leaders - UK

Provider required to consult, design and deliver content for a technology entrepreneurship and innovation leadership programme.

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Deadline: 04/11/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Prior Information Notice: Customer Experience Training - London

Organisation is looking for a supplier to develop a customer-centric framework which will deliver best-in-class customer-centric culture.

Please note deadlines in How to Apply section. 

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Deadline: 11/11/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Coaching Providers Required - London

Large organisation is looking to partner with a number of providers who can become part of a preferred supplier framework for coaching services for staff: 

  • Employees to have access to great business coaches who will challenge and support them in their development and personal growth; 
  • Executive and Senior Leadership team to have access to skilled and experienced coaches who challenge and support them in continued personal and professional growth.

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Deadline: 04/11/2020/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

Revise and Develop Education Policy Framework - Worldwide

Opportunity for a leading education expert to revise and develop Education Policy Framework.

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Deadline: 17/11/2020/Technical, Vocational and STEM

Digital Technologies Training for Senior Leaders - Scotland

The aim of this programme of work is to engage and educate public sector leaders, and Digital Directorate and their stakeholders, in specific digital developments including key digital trends and technologies in areas such as platforms, cloud computing, artificial intelligence; addressing the climate change emergency;  a matrix approach to transforming, the outside in capabilities, and the new concept of digital anthropology.

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Deadline: 06/11/2020/Leadership and Management and Soft Skills

Strategic planning and impact management consultancy support - Ireland

The authority wishes to invite tenders from suitably qualified and experienced consultants to design and facilitate workshops and one-to-one support in strategic planning and impact management.

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