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Deadline: 13/01/2023/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Partnership with Sri Lankan University

CIMS are interested in partnerships around Management, Computing, Education, Engineering, Psychology, Languages and Law programs.  They are especially interested in delivering partner university degrees in Sri Lanka or in 2+1 type arrangements.


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Indian Flag

Deadline: 13/01/2023/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Educational Partnership to Establish a College in the UK- India

A well-established Indian University wants to set up a college in the UK in collaboration with a UK university. 

The Indian university is willing to invest in the property and all the infrastructure. They will also be involved in the day to day running of the college. They want the UK university to take care of the academic aspect and also the accreditation, etc. 

A promoter of the Indian university is visiting the UK right now the end of August, and is available for initial meetings with potential partner universities.


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Deadline: 04/08/2022/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

Twinning Programme in Business, Accounting or Management Information - Malaysia

A University in Malaysia is seeking collaboration with UK universities

They are looking for a 2+1 twinning arrangement (2 years in Malaysia and final year at a British university) and a Dual Degree award upon completion of the course successfully. The 3 courses they are looking at are:

  1. BA (Hons) in Business & Marketing
  2. BSc (Hons) in Accounting & Finance
  3. BSc (Hons) in Management Information Systems

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Police SH(1)

Deadline: 29/07/2022/Professional Training (inc Healthcare, Social Care, Teacher Training)

Investigative Curiosity Mindset Training - UK

The Inquiry Review and Support Command at the Metropolitan Police Service deals with the disclosure of all relevant material to inquests and public enquiries. One of the roles we undertake is to examine the organisational learning coming from these and develop any thematic learning that may arise.

They are currently looking for expertise in the development and delivery of  ‘Investigative Curiosity’ programmes.

They are currently looking at what work other agencies have been involved in promoting an investigative mindset, what current training is being offered by them on Investigative Curiosity and whether they have received any feedback for improvement from which we can learn.

They are looking to identify any providers who would be willing to assist by sharing ideas and inputs on nurturing investigative curiosity or professional curiosity.

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Deadline: 04/05/2022/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

UK study tours for Vietnamese English-school-teachers

DiT Vietnam is working with a Vietnamese organisation that is looking for a UK institution to organize study tours in the UK for school English teachers to improve their teaching methodology and information technology application.

  • Participants: approx. 200 - 250 teachers (20 teachers/group)
  • Duration: 14 days/group (including arrival and departure days)
  • Project time (expected): May - August, 2022

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Indian Flag

Deadline: 21/04/2022/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  International Students looking for UG Degrees - South Asia

Education Partnerships UK Ltd has applications from around 50 applications from Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi students looking to study in the UK from September 2022. 

They have already completed high school diplomas and some have done local UG degrees and are looking for undergraduate courses in Business and IT related disciplines such as Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Accountancy, IT and Artificial Intelligence. We have upto 250 more students to start in Sept 2022 should the process for sign up be smooth. 

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Deadline: 21/04/2022/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Top Up UG and Masters Degrees wanted - Sri Lanka

The Organisation of Qualifications and Awards (OQA) is a UK registered
awarding body offering bespoke qualifications at levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 with a partner in Sri Lanka

They would like to provide academic progression pathways and are interested in establishing an academic collaboration with UK universities whereby OQA students completing the Executive Diploma in Business Administration and Management (Level 7) are accepted onto a Master’s Top Up
degree or are offered a progression route onto the university’s Master’s programme.

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Indian Flag

Deadline: 22/04/2022/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

  Recruitment of Students for UG, PG and Summer Schools - India

Sucheta Overseas Consultancy is keen to build a long-lasting educational partnership with UK universities and colleges that are looking to recruit students from India to UG, PG or summer schools

Sucheta Overseas Consultancy and Cambridge Business College is based in the UK and India and handles more than 350 students each year for international studies for PG, UG, or Summer Programmes in the UK.

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Deadline: 03/12/2021/Other (inc. other training events & exhibitions

Opportunity to join Virtual College/University Fair - Vietnam

WASS is looking for UK Universities to attend a virtual college fair on 18th  December 2021 from 8:30 AM - 5PM. It will be a free event for universities to take part in and have the opportunity to engage with parents, students.

WASS will offer a platform that creates a 3D venue and students can join different virtual booths represented by each university, chat with the admission team privately/publicly, send video meeting requests and easily find marketing materials.


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Deadline: 05/01/2022/Educational Collaboration and Partnerships

TNE Partnership Opportunities on Future of Work - South Africa

Tshwane University of Technology has a newly established Institute for the Future of Work at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).  TUT has a total enrolment of 63,000+ students. 

This university is looking at partnering with a UK University on this initiative.

Attached is their business plan and press release for further information.

A summary of what they are offering:

  • TUT seeks to identify UK universities that might be suitably aligned for partnership agreements related to their four programmes, namely:
  • Technology Hub;
  • Smart Campus Platform;
  • 4IR/Future of Work Research and Projects;
  • Annual 4IR/Future of Work Dialogue.
  • Comparing research strengths for potential joint R&D funding;
  • Scope for transnational education partnerships, student mobility programmes;
  • Knowledge sharing in the area of industry 4.0 education and innovation;
  • A proposed virtual scoping mission to the Northern Powerhouse Region with a specific institutional partnerships element, where TUT would engage.

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