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“As a specialist international education business development company working across Europe and the US we come across a large number of opportunities for UK education institutions ranging from training and consultancy, through TNE to joint faculty development.  Without doubt the Training Gateway is the most effective way of publicising these opportunities and identifying organisations which can deliver the services required.  I could not recommend them highly enough.” Charles Cormack, Chairman, Cormack Consultancy Group


We can help you find your perfect training partner

The Training Gateway can help you find your perfect training partner from our network of 2000 expert providers.  Our service is quick, easy and free. 

If you have a training requirement or are looking for a partnership with a UK University, College or Training Provider, then please get in touch to discuss your needs.  We will then write up a short brief and share it with our member network.  Responses can come directly to you, or can be filtered by us first, whichever works best for you.

If you are interested, please call us on +44 (0)1904 325149, email info@thetraininggateway.com, or complete the form below.





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Behaviour Management & Safeguarding Training in Vietnam

Discover how The Training Gateway helped Vinschool to find their ideal training provider to deliver a Behaviour Management & Safeguarding Programme

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